Monday, November 21, 2011

Dog Whistle Pro Trainer - the ultimate dog training aid.

Now with dog training tutorial instructions !

Download it from Android Market here

Train your dog and make the time you spend together more fun and safer than ever. Take control over your pet - learn how to be a trainer, train your dog and have great time together.

The optimum frequency range for humans is around 2,000 Hz. For dogs it is around 8,000 Hz. Sound around that band are most vivid for dogs, heard from the longest distances and with a lot of background noise. Some dog whistles utilize frequencies much higher than 8kHz, some even in the band that average human can not hear. Those products work very well yet scientific studies of canine hearing proven that band of 8kHz is the most efficient.

Dog Whistle Pro Trainer does not harm the dogs. It's safe and proven tool.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Notice Period Widget lands on Android Market

Notice period widget delivers exactly what it's name says. A handy homescreen widget for tracking your notice periods - let it be your phone contract, your work or any future action. Never forget, never overbook. With this handy widget you've got your essential info with you wherever you go.

Here's the Link to applicaiton on Android Market Web Store

* Enables tracking periods in Days, Weeks and Months.
* Name your periods with custom labels to easily distinguish between them
* Forever free (ad supported - only configuration dialogue)
* Now you can edit existing widgets after you create them - just touch to invoke configuration dialogue

Monday, May 2, 2011 Alternative network connectivity FC fixed

Verions 0.7.1 Beta

  • Fixed FC when application was closed before 1st chart download attempt
  • Refresh and Vol+/Vol- location switching on Scroll and Scroll+Legend views has been restored
  • Fixed crush when network connectivity is lost during download/refresh. Added a brief message when network is unreachable.

Saturday, April 30, 2011 Alternative Zooming and Legend

Big patch for Alternative. Not only most of the force close crushes ever submitted by the users are now officially fixed but also there's a massive new functionality added in latest release.

Verions 0.7

  • Updated Google libs fixing couple Force Close scenarios in 3rd party code
  • Fixed crush on Scroll View when no there were no image to scroll
  • Changed Scroll View startup focus to left top corner
  • Fixed Scroll View unused screen sections on high density devices 
  • Added Zoom (on screen control and pinch zoom if supported by device) for Scroll View
  • Added new View - Scroll + Legend. Legend explains how to read the charts (please mind that legend text language matches settings)
  • Fixed FC Crush when switching locations with Vol Up/Down during startup

Version 0.6 Beta

  • Fixed startup crush occurring on certain HTC devices (Desire HD and Desire Z) caused by HTC enabling WAL mode for SQLite.

Version 0.5 Beta

  • Fixed Scroll View landscape mode (now fills up whole screen)
  • Fixed vol up/down location switching (now titlebar is updated during vol up/down location switching)